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Lublin is the capital of Lublin Voivodship, a city with a long multicultural tradition and a rich history - dating back to the year 1228. Owing to its location near the European Union’s eastern border with Ukraine and Belarus, Lublin is an important centre for both international and economic relations.

It is also one of the largest academic centres in Poland with five universities, and several private higher schools as well as public research institutes.


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Students represent a significant part of Lublin’s population, which is reflected in its unique atmosphere. Student Culture Days is a series of events: concerts and accompanying activities that last throughout May.  Annually-organized large festivals and cultural events such as the Night of Culture, the Magicians’ Carnival, the Jagiellonian Fair, and the European Festival of Taste attract audiences from all over Poland and abroad.

Lublin Voivodship with its numerous national and landscape parks, tourist infrastructure, including a well-developed network of bicycle paths and places full of still unspoiled and pure nature, encourages active forms of leisure. Ecology, with particular emphasis on food and agriculture is one of the strategic priorities.





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