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Department of Power Engineering and Transportation

About us

 Scientific and research activity in the field of:

1. Motor fuels and biofuels: 

·         field and bench tests of energy and ecological parameters when supplying engines with rapeseed biofuel and its mixtures as well as low-sulfur diesel oils,

·         research on the development and implementation of biofuel supply systems with the use of controllers,

·         operational tests of propellants and operating liquids.


2. Biomass as an energy source:

·         research on energy and ecological parameters of biomass, also in terms of reducing broadly understood environmental pollution,

·         analysis of the possibilities of using plants and waste for energy purposes,

·         combined energy management based on renewable energy sources.


3. Vehicle and engine technical condition tests:

·         study of the impact of changes in the technical condition of injection systems of compression ignition engines on energy and ecological parameters,

·         analysis of the correlation between wear of the TPC system and selected diagnostic parameters,

·         energy consumption of starting an internal combustion engine powered by biofuel,

·         tests of pollutant emissions and smoke at cold and warm start of combustion engines,

·         vibroacoustic tests of technical objects (including mainly tractor engines),

·         studies of dynamic processes of working machines using simulation and computer methods.


4. Transport infrastructure:

·         research on the impact of roads and railroads on the natural environment,

·         automotive development and road safety, also in terms of psychomotor skills,

·         the impact of motor vehicles and tractors on the natural environment (noise, metal and dust pollution, immission of pollutants, etc.).

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