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Didactic units

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Institute of Biological Basis of Animal Production
o Laboratory for Zoopsychology
o Laura Kaufman Small Animal Teaching and Research Station
Sub-department of Apicultural
o Sub-Department of Improving Animals and Poultry Farming
o Sub-Department of General and Molecular Genetics


Institute of Animal Breeding and Biodiversity Conservation
Laboratory of Agricultural Advisory
o Laboratory for Organic Production of Food of Animal Origin
o Sub-Department of Pig Breeding and Biotechnology
o Sub-Department of Cattle Breeding and Genetic Resources Conservation
o Sub-Department of Small Ruminant Breeding and Professor T. Efner Research Station


Institute of Quality Assesment and Processing of Animal Materials
o Sub-department of Food Safety and Regional Products
o Sub-department of Instrumental Analysis of Food
o Sub-department of Commodity Science and Processing of Raw Animal Materials


Institute of Animal Nutrition and Bromathology
o Sub-Department of Bromathology and Nutrition Physiology
o Sub-Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

o Laboratory of Feed and Biological Material Analysis


Department of Biochemistry and Toxicology
o Laboratory for Analytical Biochemistry


Department of Animal Ethology and Wildlife Management
o Sub-department of Animal Behavior and Welfare
o Sub-department of Animal Ethology
o Sub-department of Game Management


Department of Animal Hygiene and Environmental Hazards
o Sub-Department of Microbiology and Reproductive Biology
o Sub-Department of Occupational and Environmental Hazards


Department of Horse Breeding and Use