Management and Production Engineering

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 First-cycle study programme (engineer’s degree programme) - 7 semesters


Briefly about the field of study


This field combines management with engineering aspects of production. The curriculum includes both the subjects related to management (e.g. marketing, management, production and service management, human resources management) and production engineering (e.g. engineering design and engineering graphics, production processes, automation and robotization of production, operation of machines, thermal engineering, refrigeration, packaging). These studies provide comprehensive education in engineering and technical sciences with elements of management. The choice of specialization allows students to develop their interests in the field of production and service management engineering or management and engineering of food processing.
Graduates of this field of study have general knowledge in the selected field of production engineering and management as well as related sciences regarding the functioning and development of business organizations. They also have managerial skills and the ability to actively participate in decision-making processes and in the creation and implementation of complex projects in the work environment and beyond. They are prepared to solve problems in a selected field of production engineering as well as disciplines classified in the field of engineering, technical and agricultural sciences.

Become a specialist in the management of production processes!
First-cycle full-time studies in the field of management and production engineering last 7 semesters. Graduates of the first cycle studies obtain the professional title of an engineer. The total number of ECTS points obtained by the student as part of the first-cycle programme is 210. The first-cycle programme is divided into two periods. The first period lasts 4 semesters, during which students acquire general knowledge in economics and management, basic subjects (mathematics, physics and chemistry) as well as design and engineering graphics. 
Students are required to undergo a  vocational training lasting 4 weeks, which is implemented in the 6th semester. The goals, programmes and dates of the work placements are tailored to the education process. To complete the first-cycle studies, students have to write and defend the engineer's thesis which allows them to obtain the degree of an engineer.
Academic staff
The staff conducting classes in the field of management and production engineering carry out research in the engineering and technical sciences, mainly within disciplines such as mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, mining and energy, materials engineering, chemical engineering and within agricultural sciences disciplines such as food and nutrition technology, agriculture and gardening. The content of conducted scientific research is closely related to didactic classes. In recent years the researchers have published several hundred scientific articles within the above-listed disciplines in world-renowned scientific journals indexed in the best journals' databases. They are also the authors of a series of monographs and academic manuals concerning both the research and the lectured subjects. The employees take an active part in the Erasmus+ programme, conducting classes in English both in foreign academic centres and at the home university. Our staff also have appropriate education and experience in conducting courses using the e-learning method.
Practical training is an invaluable experience:
  • practical classes carried out in production, commercial and service enterprises,
  • practical classes in didactic laboratories equipped with modern equipment,
  • obligatory and extracurricular work placements,
  • domestic and foreign internships,
  • specialized courses, e.g. AutoCAD 2D drawing, AutoCAD 3D modelling,
  • activity in scientific circles and student organizations in which you can develop your interests.
  • career prospects
The graduates have general and specialist knowledge in the field of management, economics and organization as well as production engineering. They can hold managerial and specialized positions in small, medium and large enterprises dealing with a relevant scope of production engineering and in particular they can work in:
  • agri-food processing plants,
  • general production enterprises,
  • service and commercial companies,
  • design and consulting units,
  • administrative units in which technical, economic and IT knowledge as well as organizational skills are required,
  • they can also independently run a business in the production, commercial or service area.




[Programme of study - Management and Production Engineering, field of specialization Production and Services Management in Engineering]


[Programme of study - Management and Production Engineering, field of specialization field of specialization Management and Food Processing Engineering]

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