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Faculty of Horticulture at the Agricultural University in Lublin was established by a Directive of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of 21 May 1970 (No. DR-3-D14-21/70). This event crowned the many years of efforts on the part of a small group of people who were particularly involved in creating in the Lublin region – the region with long and very good traditions in horticulture – a possibility of educating young people in this area of knowledge at an academic level. Among them there were: professor Stanisław Bujak, Ph.D., professor Stanisław Zaliwski, Ph.D., and professor Jerzy Korohoda, Ph.D.  Classes in horticulture for students of Faculty of Agriculture were conducted from the moment the faculty was established at UMCS.


In the years 1944-1945, lectures in botany, and later pomology and vegetable crops were conducted by Stanisław Zaliwski, a well-known scientist, practitioner, and populariser of pomology.  Between 1947 and 1948  classes in vegetable crops were conducted by professor Stanisław Waśniewski, Ph.D. In 1951 at Faculty of Agriculture UMCS Subdepartment of Pomology was established, later transformed into Department of Horticulture, whose Head became Stanisław Zaliwski, Ph.D. At the beginning of the sixties the Department enjoyed dynamic development, and its staff consisted of Marian Kossowski, Ph.D., Tadeusz Zderkiewicz, Ph.D., professor Zofia Demianowicz, Ph.D., professor Antoni Demianowicz, Ph.D., Jan Szendel, Ph.D., professor Teresa Hulewicz, Ph.D., professor Dzierżykraj Hulewicz, Ph.D., and Józef Dąbrowski, Ph.D. On 16 May 1962 the Council of Faculty of Agriculture passed a resolution on the establishment of  Department of  Horticulture at Faculty of Agriculture. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education gave an approval only to establish a horticulture specialisation at Faculty of Agriculture which started its functioning in the academic year 1963/1964. Three years later, on 17 May 1965, the Council of  Faculty of Agriculture again presented a motion to establish Department of  Horticulture on the basis of the existing horticulture specialisation.


At the same time,  a reorganisation of the Department was conducted and several Subdepartments were created within it: Pomology, Vegetable Crops, Plant Genetics and Cultivation, Horticultural Plant Cultivation and Fertilisation, and Apiculture. On 23 April 1966, by a Decision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Department of Horticulture was established at Faculty of Agriculture, which consisted of  departments created from the transformation of the above-mentioned subdepartments. Further efforts to establish Faculty of Horticulture led to a positive decision from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in May 1970. The Faculty also acquired other departments which had operated within the structures of Faculty of Agriculture: Departments of Botany, Plant Physiology, and Plant Protection. By the Resolution of the Senate of University of Life Sciences in Lublin of 22 October 2010 the university’s Faculty of  Horticulture changed its name to Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

 In the year of its establishment, the Faculty’s staff constituted 47 academic teachers, including 4 professors, 8 assistant professors, 11 university lecturers, 2 senior lecturers, 22 assistants, and 15 technical and engineering employees. Currently the Faculty employs 114 teachers, including 18 titular professors, 14 associate professors of University of Life Sciences, 8 lecturers with postdoctoral degrees, 63 lecturers with doctoral degrees, 5 senior lecturers, 6 assistants, and 49 technical and engineering employees.

 The dynamic growth of the academic staff from the very beginning of the Faculty’s existence resulted in a relatively fast acquisition of full academic rights – in 1974 the right to confer doctoral degrees, and in 1979 the right to confer postdoctoral degrees in agricultural sciences in the field of horticulture. In the period of 40 years there have been 191 Ph.D. programmes completed in the Faculty, 62 postdoctoral programmes, and 33 procedures for the conferring of the title of professor.

Honorary degrees of the Agricultural University in Lublin, upon application from the Council of  Faculty of Horticulture were given to: professor Emil Chroboczek, Ph.D. from Institute of Vegetable Crops in Skierniewice, title conferred in 1974; professor Gabriel Brzęk, Ph.D. at the Agricultural University in Lublin, title conferred in 1984; professor Teresa Hulewicz, Ph.D. at the Agricultural University in Lublin, title conferred in 1990;  professor Fritz Lentz, Ph.D. at the University of Bonn, title conferred in 1995; professor Gerhard Bünemann, Ph.D. at the University of Hannover, title conferred in 1995; professor Henryk Skąpski, Ph.D. at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, title conferred in 2000; professor Andrzej Libik, Ph.D. at the Agricultural University in Cracow, title conferred in 2010.

Currently the Faculty comprises: Department of Botany, Plant Physiolog, Plant Protection, Landscape Design and Conservation, Ornamental Plants, Dendrology and Landscape Architectur,  Pomology and  Nursery, Cultivation and Plant Nutrition, Vegetable Crops and Medicinal Plants.