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Labolatory of Experimental and Environmental Biology

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The Laboratory of Experimental and Environmental Biology is a part of the Department of Biological Basis of Animal Production at the Faculty of Animal Biology and Breeding, University of Life Science in Lublin, Poland. There are two research teams in the Laboratory. The first one focuses on apidology;  i.e. the biology of Apidea, apiculture and beekeeping. The object of study are honeybees (Apis mellifera). The second one concentrates on poultry science and domesticated birds, including ornamental birds. The main research areas are bird keeping and management and breeding, including pet breeding. Studies are performed on fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus) and quail (Coturnix coturnix).



The apidological team consists of four and the poultry science team of three researches. The main scientific disciplines are aplied biology and husbandry; - particularly genetics, behavior, biochemistry and breeding methods, including the preservation breeding and gene pool protection.


Experimental facilities include the Research and Didactic Station, where honeybees, chickens and quail are kept (including animals in laboratory breeding), as well as molecular biology, biochemistry and insemination laboratories.



The didactic activity is performed at the following degree courses: Husbandry, Environment Protection, Biology, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Agrobioengineering.